Testimony to the truth by atomic bomb casualty.
Please know there are many people who have the charactor and the life under dropping it.

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	[ The testimony of Nagasaki ]
	Witness: Hirotami Yamada
Hirotami Yamada was a junior hight student of 14 years old at the time.
He was exposed to with his  family at the 3.3 km point from the hypocenter of the Nagasaki atomic bomb.
His family , died one after another in a small period of time after the bombing.
August 6,9, 1945 to May 27, 2016 to ...
Very thank you Mr.Barack Obama!!

Mr.Barack Obama & Sunao Tsuboi san.

Mr.Barack Obama & Shigeaki Mori san.
We must believe can make peace by our strong minds.

Under constraction


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