Testimony to the truth by atomic bomb casualty.
Please know there are many people who have the charactor and the life under dropping it.

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[ The testimony of HIROSHIMA ] 
Witness: Mr.Sunao Tsuboi 
Representative of HIDANKYO The most bigest atomic bomb survivors organizations 

Sunao Tsuboi was a college student of 20 years old at the time.
He was bombed inside 1000m from ground zero. 
He was exposed at the hypocenter of the Hiroshima atomic bomb,
He survive miraculously by continuous Curious Case of happens.

The famous photo that was taken at Miyuki-bridge that has been on the provisional clinic on Mr Tsuboi's evacuation halfway .
 included the sitting figure of Tsuboi who was prepared for own death in the crowd by chance .

Mr.Tsuboi met again with that photo's photographer miraculous at many years passed after the war.
Tsuboi showed that photo of the face-to-face with that photographer to me in Hiroshima.
That photo' Tsuboi's face & eyes was full animated .
It is realy extraordinary.

His very strong survival power is not only by born with .
In realized hell,
He survived by own strong heart power.

He maybe got survival power by survival experiences,
I think so.

Mr.Tsuboi's strong & lucky destiny on survive is difficult for explanation by scientific.

He is  continuing to suffer from radiation sickness even after the end of the war to even now.  
He went several times life-threatening surgery.

His blood is serious abnormalities even "now",
He are doing the non-nuclear activities at inside and outside the country with using the medicine for A-bomb disease. 

He stood at the beginning of the demonstration to sue the abolition of nuclear weapons in the United States Nevada, 
He was confronted with the local police & US army. 
He did the speech for sue the abolition of nuclear weapons in the United Nations on Monday 02 May 2005.

He strive for
A-bomb disease litigation,
& the establishment of the National Assembly fund bill
He face to face with Japan Prime Minister Hashimoto at that time. 

When I interview to Mr.Tsuboi sunao,   
He was reported to be a Nobel Peace Prize candidate by newspaper reporter.
And Over the years,He greet a three-digit number of foreign state national guests per year.

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